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Did you know?

Each year more than one million Americans have to be hospitalized because of adverse drug reactions. These are drugs prescribed by the conventional medicine physicians.

A 1993 report gathered by Ralph Nader states that each year one hundred and fifty thousand to three hundred thousand Americans die due to the doctors/clinics/hospitals committed mistakes.

Sixty-one thousand Americans develop drug-induced Parkinsonism each year.

Sixteen thousand Americans suffer auto-accident-related injuries each year due to the prescription drugs.

One hundred and sixty-three thousand people suffer memory loss caused or exacerbated by the prescribed drugs of conventional medicine.

Thirty-two thousand people suffer hip-fractures due to the drug-induced falls. Lots of elderly patients die after a hip fracture due to other medical complications such as pneumonia, lung complications, and heart complications.

More people are addicted to legal prescription drugs than they are to the street drugs. In 1995, six million Americans abused prescription drugs, notably of which were the anti-anxiety drugs.

Where alternative medicine can be of help:

Sixty million who have high blood pressure.

Forty million who have arthritis.

Twenty-three million who have migraine or other forms of headaches.

Fifteen million who have asthma.

Seventy million who have chronic pain.

15% of the population that suffer from anxiety disorders some time in their life.

12% of the population that suffer from depression some time in their life.

And for millions who seek relief from other emotional ailments.

Alternative medicine is about to join the mainstream. This is what the surveys say:

A 1997 Prevention magazine survey of the general public found that about one third of adult Americans, that is a whopping sixty million people, say they frequently "herbal remedies."

One out of three Australians say they visit practitioners of alternative medicine.

Fifty percent of population in some European countries tries alternative medicine.

Today, more than 30 medical colleges offer elective courses in alternative medicine.

Let’s return to our roots. Seek natural remedies for your maladies. Don’t just medicate yourself to control the disease, nourish yourself to defend yourself from the disease.


We do not intend the information that we provide here to be used as a diagnostic tool. Do not use it to arrive at or exclude a diagnosis. Our intention in providing information about a psychological-emotional ailment is so you can recognize some of the features of this ailment.

Do not use this as a substitute for professional evaluation or professional treatment.

If you have a problem, you should first consult a licensed mental health professional to assess the severity of the problem. Try to find a mental health professional who is sympathetic or at least not opposed to the concept of using alternative medicine for psychological-emotional ailments. Then, seek a licensed practitioner for the particular form of alternative therapy, e.g. herbalist, acupuncturist, naturopath, etc. Stay in consultation with the mental health professional to monitor your progress.

Traditional psychiatric treatment must be sought if a mental disorder is so severe that the sufferer is suicidal or dangerous to others or his or her ability to function at home or work is severely impaired.

Use alternative medicine as a temporary aid to give you the symptomatic relief. As your symptoms are lessened and stress is reduced, learn the coping skills you need. Make appropriate emotional changes. Do not use alternative medicine in lieu of coping skills and emotional education. You must learn how your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors contribute to your psychological-emotional ailments.

Psychological techniques and self-help measures are alluded to, but not discussed in detail in order to keep this presentation brief. Refer to other books, tapes, and magazines to learn about how you can make use of such psychological techniques and self-help measures to benefit you.

Make your goal to reach the state of self-sufficiency and self-reliance, that is, that eventually, you will not need a traditional medicine specialist, alternative therapist, or a counseling professional. For example, you will have the necessary skills to handle your tendency for depression, anxiety, or addiction.


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