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Dear mindpub.com friends,

Since 1993, I have answered every single e-mail you had written to me with your personal question investing a significant amount of time every day of the week. Due to the high volume of e-mails I receive and change in my circumstances, I have to redesign how I can continue to respond to your needs. Therefore, I request you to do the following:

If you have a personal question, buy a 45-minute telephone coaching session with me at http://www.mindpub.com/telecoach.htm so we can focus on your unique situation and gather all the details that are relevant to your question. These steps are necessary for me to be position to coach you and provide the information you need.

In case you donít want to or canít use that option, please write to me suggesting the topic or the problem in which you are interested.

I wonít be able to acknowledge each individual e-mail from you but I will reflect on things you share with me. If there is enough interest in that topic shown by other people as well, I will write an article sharing my thoughts and suggestions about it and post it on the website right at the home page as the ďArticle of the week.Ē

I appreciate each one of you who comes to the site. I compliment you for your efforts to change something about yourself and for attempting to find answers you are looking for.

It is by changing something about ourselves that we can change the world around us!

Vijai Sharma, PhD

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