Discourage Children from Teasing
  Vijai P. Sharma, Ph.D

Having worked with children and therapy and lately reading the statements from children who commit violence on the school premises, I feel compelled to recommend to all parents to discourage their children from teasing.  

The more the children to empathize with other children, the less would they tease them.  Empathy develops from hurt.  When we hurt, we can know how someone else would hurt.  But, a lot of time, we don't make that connection.   we fail to  the experience of pain and hurt.   Teasing can be curbed by empathy.  write What you sow in the day, you reap in the night.  The sleep is the crop of the seeds you plant all day long.  If you have a sleep problem, look at what you normally do in the day.  If you spend the entire day, fretting and fuming, finding faults with everything and snapping at others, you are likely to have a fretful night.  Likewise, you can't sit all day long and watch TV, and expect to have a normal eight hours sleep at the end of the day.  It is irrational to expect  satisfactory sleep if you have been spending your days never smiling even once, worrying endlessly, consuming high fat calories and large meals in the evening, and avoiding exercising at all costs.What happens in the night, depends on what you do during the day.   


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