Tell Tale Signs of a "Workaholic"
  By Vijai P.Sharma, Ph.D

 Workaholics prefer to do most things by themselves rather than ask for help or designate someone else to do it.  If they have no choice but to assign a project to someone else, they get impatient when they have to wait.  They can't understand why something takes so long.  Their definition of the term "too long" is "any time that's not now."  

Workaholics keep many irons in the fire and can't understand the relationship between that behavior and the zero leisure time.  They are the first one to reach office and last one to leave.  They personally know the janitors because they are still in the building when the crew arrives.  

Workaholics believe that "layering" helps them to maximize their productivity.  So whatever work they're doing at that moment, they add an extra layer or two on that.  For example, they would eat their lunch and write a memo at the same time.  If they receive a call during that time, then they would try to do three things all at one time.  They overly commit themselves and live in constant frustration for biting off more than they can chew.  They're unable to relax because they feel guilty when they are not working on something.  Things never seem to move fast enough or get done fast enough for them.  They lose their temper when things don't work out according to their time line.  

Research has shown that people on average, spends 98% of the waking time in thinking about the past or the future and only 2 % in the present.  A workaholic spends 99% of the time mentally planning and thinking about the future tuning out the here and now.  Thus, only 1 % of the time is divided between the present and the past.   

Workaholics spend more thought, time, and energy into their work than they do into their relationships with their loved ones.  They tend to forget, ignore, or undermine birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, or other important social events.  

Have you heard anyone on his/her death-bed to say, "I wished I had spent more time in my office?"      


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