Hostility is More Dangerous to You than to Your Enemies
Vijai P. Sharma, Ph.D

 People who are very hostile are more likely to have a heart attack and even to die earlier from various other causes.  It was earlier believed that more Type A persons (driven by work and achievement) had heart attacks than Type B persons (relaxed and casual, the "laid back").  We now know that being Type A or Type B does not contribute to sickness or mortality, but hostility is certainly associated with increased heart attacks and earlier death.

 The heart's pumping efficiency deteriorates during the state of anger.  A person is not punished for angry heart, he is punished by angry heart.  A raging heart punishes its owner heavily.   Heart muscle squeezes violently.  Blood clot may form with disastrous results.  In five minutes of an uncontrolled angry outburst, you use up as much energy as you would in eight hours of moderate labor.  

Have you wondered why you shake in rage?  Your muscles become weak due to excessive burning of sugar which leads to shaking.  Hostile people are more likely to have poor health habits.  For instance, they tend to overeat, smoke compulsively, and drink hard.  
Are you so angry with someone that it doesn't feel right to forgive and let him or her get off the hook easily?  Don't forgive them for their sake.  Forgive them for your sake.  Letting go of your anger is the kindest thing you can do for yourself.

 Being assertive is different from being aggressive.  Being assertive is healthy but being aggressive is not.  If it was the last day of your life and you knew it, would you still be angry about petty things and small words?  Live this day as the only day you have.  
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