A Brief Introduction On Homoeopathic Science


Introductory article sent by Dr. Mohammad Quasim, a highly reputed and successful homeopathy practitioner and teacher from New Delhi, India.

The science of Homoeo-therapeutics is a very specialised branch of Medical science which was introduced to the world by Dr. S.F.C. Hahnemann (1755 to 1843) in Germany. It was introduced in this sub-continent during Maharaja Ranjit Singh's time (1780-1839) by Dr. Hanigburger, a French traveller In Lahore. From there Rajender Babu nursed it in Calcutta, followed by establishment of various colleges and hospitals.

This science deals with human disease on specific principles, following the "Law of Similars". The Law of Similars is very well explained in a simple way as, while peeling an onion, one develops running of nose, redness of eyes and watery eyes, with burning in eyes and nose. Similar are the sign and symptoms of allergic rhinitis and hay fever. This could be either seasonal called hay fever or due to the patient's susceptibility to very minute doses of some substance usually protien to which normal people are immune. The liquid present in between the numerous layers of onion, is compress under high pressure. It releases while peeling the skin, comes in contact with the air, and affects the eyes and the nose of the person peeling the onion and those around .The symptoms thus produced are very similar to allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. So onion or Allium cepa becomes one of the remedies for the disease.

This is how the symptoms of the patient are artistically matched with the symptoms of drug. The sources of the drug used are from plant and Mineral kingdoms etc. The prescribed remedy helps the body and its biochemical activities to fight out the disease that is foreign to the body. In the process the immunity and the body defense mechanism is improved. It has been observed that those who are on homoeopathic medicine do develop immunity and hence resistance to the infection and seasonal disorders. Also the approach is holistic dealing with human mind and body as a whole, the sense of general well-being is observed by the individual, that is, not only the disease is annihilated, but general health is restored.

There is a widespread feeling among the general public that homoeopathic medicines take a long time to relieve or cure. This is not true. It is our personal experience that when the medicine is well selected and matched with the disease condition and causative factor, the effect is immediate and patient recovers in the shortest possible time.

In acute conditions it has been observed that the quickest possible Result has been obtained in fever, upper respiratory infections, viral infection, acute infective hepatitis, pneumonia, acute attack of bronchial asthma and in a host of other acute manifestations.

Diseases of the spine like Spondylo- Arthrosis and other related locomotor system disorders, chronic gastro - intestinal disease and other illnesses is very well managed and effectively treated by homoeopathic medicines. It has been found helpful in pre and post - operative cases, to the extent that after chemotherapy it minimises the side effects of the drug and quality of life improves. The efficacy of the homoeopathic medicine in skin, kidney and liver disorders has been very well established.

In chronic conditions, the patients come to us after prolonged illness And consequently prolonged treatment with various drugs. There are many complications in such cases, either due to overuse of medicine or surgical interference. This alters the state of mind and symptomatology of the disease. In this type of cases, we have to be very careful, so that the effect of drug is minimized as well as the disease intensity is reduced.

The chronic conditions are also related to high tension jobs, and stress etc. These combine to play a significant role in changing the mental make up of an individual that may reflect as irritability, anger, depression, ultimately which may manifest as hypertension, indigestion and loss of sleep. The auto-immune system is also influenced leading to its disorder and we come across diseases of the skin, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, migraine etc.

The science of Homeopathic therapeutics has been evolved in such a way That the above mentioned conditions have been successfully treated. The treatment not only helps to annihilate the suffering but brings back the normal mental state of the individual feeling mentally and physically active. Since this is a science based on individuality, it is important for the physician to know the physical and mental state of the patient which ultimately gives us the total personality of the patient which helps to understand the patient and disease in a better way after a detailed case study from all angles.

Because of this detailed and extensive case taking, we have been able to relieve and cure some of the long lasting conditions for which it is normally assumed that the patient has to live with it.

Sometimes it may be called a miracle but actually it is a stimulation of the patient's own defense mechanism, by our medicines, which cures him. This is normally not understood by the general medical science and SO SOMETIMES WE ARE ACCUSED OF USING CORTISONE THERAPY.

I personally am against the use of cortisone in any form, in any condition, the ill effects of which are known to one and all. There are licensed practitioners who administer these medicines very frequently and even to toddlers. Dealing with such cases is difficult because the immune system is affected. But we have to handle such cases in our day to day practice and work to remove the after effects of cortisone. It is very unfortunate that during the formative years of a child the attack of bronchial asthma has often been handled unsuccessfully whereas in Homoeopathy it can be cured very effectively, reliably, quickly and permanently.

In the end I would like to offer the services in dealing with cases of Spondylosis, Arthrosis and diseases of the Respiratory tract. These conditions arise mainly due to a change in our lifestyle and increasing pollution around us. The clinic has the reputation of treating these conditions effectively.

This is an appropriate time to recognize the Science of Homoeopathic Therapeutics and extend support by introducing it in your company for The benefit of fellow - beings.

Preventive Medicine
The clinic has come up with preventive medicines during epidemics of plague and dengue on a larger scale and in measles, chicken pox, gastroenteritis etc. on a shorter scale. Preventive medicines have also been given to groups of foreigners for malaria. It has been the result of consistent research and continuous study done by the team of physicians in the clinic.

These preventives have been effective and on monitoring it has been observed that the group of people who have been administered these medicines,have been safe and healthy,indicating that the medicine has been effective for that period of time. The best part of these preventives is that there are no side effects or after effects and can easily be administered to children.

It was also observed that those who have been on these preventives, When exposed to a virulent organism, either escape the disease completely or succumb to it with a milder form of the disease and recovery is quick.

There are two aspects to it:
1. Complete prevention
2. Milder form of the infection.

This is mainly due to the low defence mechanism of the body. Therefore, we can conclude that the homoeopathic medicines are capable of activating The immune system of the body and strengthening it.

During the course of the past three years, these medicines have appeared in newspapers like Hindustan Times etc. For example, in plague and dengue, homeopathic medicines were very successfully used all over Delhi by the general public. We also distributed these medicines free of cost in slums.